Mantsinen has a great story behind its brand. Starting with two brothers on a small-scale entrepreneurial journey and evolving into a world-leading brand of experts in their field.​

The modest start and the credible growth story give us great assets in order to define the tone in which Mantsinen verbally communicate.

It is not the Mantsinen way to boast or brag about its accomplishments. We are very proud of the achievements and innovations that we have made but that doesn’t give us the right to arrogance – on the contrary. We wish to be quite neutral in the way we communicate and allow our customers, suppliers and stakeholders to reach the same conclusion as we do about our status The neutral verbal communication is backed up by the credible look and feel of the brand, its sturdy fonts and vibrant colouring.​

Mantsinen prefers that actions speak instead of words. The verbal communication is thus kept short, simple, informative and descriptive and leaves little ambiguity. We have come a long way to not having to make a fuss about ourselves: that is why we have no need to overcomplicate our communication.

We speak in short, declarative sentences. We listen, and we answer, accurately. We are here to help people in their daily tasks. We always respect our customers, colleagues and competitors and never talk in a derogatory way about anyone.​

We are the quiet professionals.



Visual tonality is composed and clear. ​Mantsinen’s visual messages are easy to notice and embrace.​

Images and videos follow the Mantsinen brand guidelines: ​They are both fact-based and true – yet colourful and fresh.


Mantsinen Group operates two separate business units: Material Handling Machinery and Logistic Services. 

Material handlers are manufactured at Ylämylly, North-Karelia, Finland and are delivered worldwide, thanks to our extensive partner network. Logistic services are provided in both Finland and Russia: we aim to be the most respected partner for outsourcing operations at wood, scrap yards or terminals. 

Mantsinen aims to provide its customers with the most efficient and safe solutions to bulk material handling possible. Both of our business units provide unique solutions to reach this goal. 



The Mantsinen material handling machine range includes several different models, and the model range possesses even more variation due to various power source and undercarriage options. 

To give an example of model naming, let’s study the Mantsinen 300ER: the model number 300 describes the weight class in tons, E refers to electric motor, and R refers to crawler undercarriage. 

The different model numbers, i.e. the weight classes in tons are: 60, 70, 90, 95, 120, 140, 160, 200 and 300. 

The different power sources are: E = electric motor, and D = Diesel engine. 

The different undercarriage options are: R = crawler, M = rubber tire, S = rail, and F = fixed.  

Note: this section needs inspection 


Mantsinen has certain product features and/or services, carrying the trademark symbol ™, i.e. Dualpower and Hybrilift. Following here are some clarifications on how to present the product feature names in written text: 

In normal body text the product feature name is written with a capital first letter, i.e. “Hybrilift”. 

If the surrounding text is written in CAPITALS, for example in a headline, the product feature name is also written in capitals: “HYBRILIFT”. 

The trademark symbol (“Hybrilift™”) is used when the product feature name is mentioned the first time, whether it is in a headline, lead paragraph or body text, but not the following times. 


Mantsinen uses certain hashtags in our communication on social media and related to social media. The hashtags used are the following ones: 

Brand related: #mantsinen #frontrunner #mantsinenfamily 

Machine related: #materialhandlingmachine #materialhandler #materialhandlingequipment #materialhandling